Trolley:  The Bayside trolley is an open-style bench trolley that is battery operated with bright, richly colored and ornate cars

Project Amenities:

Crystal Lagoon:  8 Acres including 2 acres of beach frontage

Experience Bayside Realty LLC Luxury Rentals

Our four luxury homes project is .8 tenths of a mile from the up and coming Bayside Resort which is a 262 acre regional landmark situated in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Bayside is a pedestrian friendly, open air destination with a huge expanse of lush green space and hundreds of thousands of square feet dedicated to great shopping and restaurants. Bayside fuses luxury living, shopping, and entertainment to create a uniquely sophisticated urban lake front environment.

Parks and Open Space:  45 Acres of programmed parks including a “Town Center” park, lush gardens, and more than 2,000 new trees.

Show Fountain:  1 Acre in Size, 300’ long, 250 water nozzles that go up to
200 feet in the air, 29 fire nozzles, and 2 video mist screens.